Panoorin Erich Gonzales Muntik Ng Makoryenta Sa Kayang Action Sece Sa Kanyang Pelikula

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Erich Gonzales is one of the most admired actress in the showbiz industry for her beautiful face, charisma and great acting skills that were proved in her latest television drama series, Blood Sisters. People are looking after her and the bright future she holds as one of ABS-CBN’s big stars. Recently, Erich Gonzales reported a life-threatening situation that happened to her during the shooting of her first action film, “We Will Not Die Tonight” directed by Richard Somes. The action scenes were completed by Erich, and not by any stunt doubles, because she confirmed that she really wanted it.

Even the actress herself was awed when she was able to surpass the scenes. In a shooting of a scene, Erich would be suspended in an elevator cable wire, where in she was unexpectedly electrified. It was not a simple ground, but pure electricity that the actress felt. The did a second take of the scene, but after reviewing, the director would like to re-shoot it the next day. Erich agreed for the sake of making the film better. The film is one of the six official entries in the New York Asian Film Festival, and one of the eight official entries for FDCP’s Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. It will be showing on August 15-21 at all cinemas nationwide. It is something that we should truly support!



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