Panoorin ISang Bakla Ang Pumunta Kay Raffy Tulfo Upang Bawiin Ang MGa Bagay Na Ibinigay Niya Sa Isang Lalaki "Ibalik Mo Muna Tam*d KO!

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The achievements and success of a gay man and a macho dancer couple has complicated things even more when their romantic relationship has come to an end. Gerardo Gamuroy seeked help from Tulfo in the hope of retrieving his gold jewelry, and investment from his former partner, Jhon Bryan Dumag. Tulfo talked to Jhon regarding the assets, but all that Jhon could say is that he asks for forgiveness, and justifies that what’s given cannot be taken back. The team soon decided to let Gerard and Jhon settle things face to face. In their encounter, Jhon denied their relationship, and tagged it as “pakikisama” so that he can encourage Gerardo to visit the bar where he works. According to him, it’s all part of his job.

Gerardo continued to argue that Jhon has not contributed even one hard work for the money and it’s rightful to him to return it. Jhon felt wronged, and he almost lost his control. He almost attacked Gerardo but was able to stop himself. Gerardo concluded the argument as he confirms that he’ll take the investment and jewelry alone and let Jhon have the car that they invested in together. We all thought it was over, until Jhon attacked Gerardo and told him that he’ll only return the assets, if Gerardo can return his semen. Gerardo was emotionally hurt, and the confrontation soon went emotional. Gerardo begged until he got his money and gold back. He then hugged Jhon and assured that he already got what he wanted and will stop asking from that day on.



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