Panoorin Kris Aquinio Humihingi Ng Dasal Oara Sa Panganay Niyang SI Joshua Aquino Daahil Sa Sakit Na Tumama Dito

Posted by Unknown on July 16, 2018 | No comments

Recently, Kris Aquino went to Hong Kong for her new endorsement at Cathay Pacific. She stayed there with her two sons, Josh and Bimby. But, it was reported that Kris Aquino spent late nights just to take care of her eldest son, Josh. According the Queen of All Media’s post on Instagram, Josh has been hiccupping non-stop since 8pm until 3am the next day. It was almost 31 hours of hiccupping and non-stop calls to their pediatrician. She also said that they are scheduled for a check up on the 19th of July. Kris also thanked God for Bimb’s existence because they were able to save their work commitments, they always worked as a team. Also, Josh has been experiencing stomach problems for almost a month now, and Kris is forced to go. The loving mother cleared that no matter how much she needed work, she will always be a mother above any other titles, and her greatest priority is the health and well-being of her 2 sons. Then, she asked the netizens to pray for her boys. The people are with Kris in praying for Josh’s speedy recovery.



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