Panoorin Kristoffer Martin Binatikos Ng Marami Dahil Sa Kanyang Tweet Umano Para Kay Barbie Imperial

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People are now using social media to speak up against their abusers, and this has been a controversial issue among the netizens. Well, the issue has been more known to the public when a rising young celebrity confessed in her instagram account that she has been abused as well. Barbie Imperial posted pictures of her scars and bruises on instagram and stood up for girls who are being abused. She encouraged people to never settle in a toxic and abusive relationship even if you love the person so much. People conected Barbie's post directly to her ex-partner, Paul Salas. This has affected how the netizens saw Paul and his friends can't take it to just watch. Kristoffer Martin tweeted a whole thread of the concept of two sides to every story, and an indirect statement saying that people should not play as victim when they' re really not.  Netizens were furious and thought that he was protecting an abuser, but after a while, the young man clarified that he didn't mean to sound like he's protecting an abuser, and even he, himself, cannot think of laying a hand on his girlfriend. He just wanted the netizens to believe straight facts, and know Paul's side.  He said that nobody was really harmed, but he then refused to tell the details, since it's not his story to tell. The post of young celebrities, Barbie Imperial and Kristoffer Martin was later on, deleted. Moreover, Paul Salas is yet to release a statement about this alleged abuse.



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