Panoorin Talagang Ginamit Ng Anak Ni Raffy Tulfo Ang Lahat Ng Ipon Niya Sa Alkansya Upang Makatulong Sa Mga Nangangailangan

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Ralph Tulfo spent his 22nd birthday meaningfully as he gives back to the less fortunate. It is the man’s yearly tradition to celebrate his day by blessing those who needs help. He is also known as the generous man who volunteers to treat the complainants who visits his father’s radio show. To celebrate with the hard-working kids of payatas, Ralph would use his spare savings in his gold and glittery piggy banks. His home maids helped in counting the money, and the total bills and coins inside amounted to Php 75,000! Ralph and his mother spent a day at a local supermarket to buy goods that the kids would benefit from, like instant noodles, canned goods, rice and packs of sugar and coffee. During the celebration, there were numerous guests enjoying the delicious food, and barangay kids who were entertained by hired face painters and clowns. Everyone went home with smiles on their faces and heaviness in their hands! The netizens hoped for the family’s good health and more blessings to come, especially with their big hearts for the less fortunate.



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