Panoorin Talagang Ibinahagi ng ISang Security Guard Ang kanyang Nakakakilabot Na Karanasan Sa ISang Mall

Posted by Unknown on July 16, 2018 | No comments

A creepy video of a security guard during his night shift in a closed mall went viral and has scared a lot of netizens. The video shows the mall during the night, and as expected it was closed and dark. The security guard was filming everything that’s making him nervous. This was filmed in a different country, because of the different language that the guard was speaking. He saw a young girl going up and down the escalator. The fact that the escalator was opened already frightened him – the maintenance should have made sure that it was closed even before heading home. He went to the escalator to see that it was actually closed, and also there was no girl playing. As he turns to see his surroundings, the camera caught a young girl in a white dress, running. This automatically sent the guard running! The job of a security guard was difficult and scary, as it involves guns and risky situations. But, we didn’t know that ghosts are included in the scary things that they could face. Netizens have their own opinion on this video, but we can’t deny that it really scared us, and to think of it, we’re just viewers. Imagine the nerve-wracking situation that the guard had to go through!



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