Panoorin Talagang Inamin Ni Coco Martin Ang Takbo ng Kanyang Lovelife Ngayon Na Naging Usap Usapan Ngayon

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Coco Martin was questioned about his love life especially now that he is on the age of 36. In Filipino culture, people settle down at the age of middle 20's and 30's, and Coco is 4 years away from leaving the said range. But, our Cardo Dalisay has answered the question straight. He is not longing for a relationship right now, and doesn't see himself in the altar soon. Coco is currently enjoying the peak of his career and would like to dedicate the 4 remaining years to his work. He said that he would like to maximize his hard work until 40 and after that, he'll start to enjoy the fruits of his labor and focus on himself. Maybe, after that, he'll be able to prioritize his love life. But, it's not really in his mind right now, knowing that there are a lot of opportunities and achievements waiting for him.



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