Panoorin Talagang ISang Lalaki ANg Na Ipit Sa Isang Tren Bago Ito Umalis At Di Inasahan Ng Lahat Ang Susunod Na Nangyari

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It is natural for people to make mistakes, especially when it’s early in the morning and we’re still getting our senses intact for the whole day ahead of us. But, for a certain guy at the train station, his one wrong move could have resulted to a tragic event and left him breathless. The man took a wrong step during his morning commute, and he landed right in between of the platform and the car of the train. He was stuck. Another commuter was able to see the man and it was perhaps the scariest seconds of their lives, but luckily, he was able to inform the officials of the station and the driver was directed just in time. The train travel was delayed getting the man out. A lot of officials tried to pull him out, but he’s completely stuck. Later, the commuters got an idea of pushing the car tilted to the side, to give enough space for the man to get out without getting hurt. Faith in humanity was restored as numerous people sacrificed their time and gave effort to save a single man’s life. He left the station safe, and unharmed. Netizens were touched by the story and truly, it was delightful to see humane human beings, helping and saving one another.




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