Panoorin Terrence Romeo pinaringgan ni Vice Ganda sa Its Showtime! Hi Kamusta Preso!

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Vhong Navarro and Vice Ganda were casually talking about ex-partners and past relationships in the noon time variety program, It's Showtime. Vhong Navarro would usually tease Vice about his exes, or just simply trigger the unkabogable star to spill the facts and emotional grudges he has. It was a fun thing to watch and know for the audience, and may be considered as one of the things that we look forward to in Showtime. Well, in yesterday's episode, Vhong and Vice was arguing about ex-partners being friends. Vice insisted that ex-partners can never be friends, you just know each other, but you're not really friends.

Vhong seriously asked him if he would say hi to his ex if he had a chance. Then, Vice straightforwadly answered, " Hi. Kamusta prisinto?" pertaining to Terrence Romeo that was recently imprisoned for being caught in a fight at a bar in Tomas Morato. Though the Gilas Pilipinas player said that he was not the one who started it, and was then freed from prison. Vice Ganda was joking when he said that but the netizens had a big say about it. Some were saying that Vice should leave Terrence alone, while some said that Vice have every right to talk. Nevetheless, the relationship was over, and we wish the best for the Vice and Terrence, individually.



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