Panoorin Tlaagang VIral Ang Babaeng Ito Dahil Sa Kanyang Malikhaing Isip Na Kinamanghaan Ngayon Ng Lahat

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Nowadays, cooking is made easy for everyone. But, a woman has caught our attention as she shows us how real and difficult cooking is done. We’ll never know what would happen to us, so it’s nice to learn how we could survive in a forest by simply watching videos on how other people do it. Well, this woman gave us something to remember in case we were in the situation. The video shows a woman cooking a whole chicken in bamboos, charcoals and a river. Then, it flashbacked on how she was able to come up with the genius design of his cookware.  He first got a thick bamboo from the forest and cut it into three smaller pieces. She puts them together by pounding a smaller piece of wood in it, and it served as her grill. She then used some twigs to make a watermill. To start the cooking process, she put charcoal on the watermill’s connecting rod, where the raw chicken would directed be placed. The flow of the river helps in rotating the marinated chicken. When it was cooked, the woman ate it. In a generation where technology dominates, simplicity never fails to make us drop our jaws in amusement.



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