Gerald COLD Na Pala Kay Bea Nung Bday Surprise Nung March 7

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The Gerald- Bea - Julia Controversy is still a very hot issue in the Philippines. Bea Alonzo is still in a relationship with Gerald but according to Bea the actor suddenly ghosted her. One netizen uploaded a picture of Julia and Gerald together in a birthday party of their friend Rayver Cruz. Bea Alonoz started to like the photos in instagram and posted a black picture that pertains to what is happening to her at the moment, that's how the controversy started, The video is already viral with 400,000 views as of this writing. In the said video, It evidently shows the way Gerald Anderson treated Bea Alonzo. A lot of netizens commented that Gerald Anderson is already " cold " to Bea, because they noticed that Gerald didn't even thank or said I love you to Bea. Bea Alonzo took care of everything for the surprise Birthday for Gerald. You may check out the video here.




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